Bond Limo Billing

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Bond Limousine Billing policies and procedures.
Passengers who change plans at the last moment such as taking a different or earlier flight or not making their flight at all must notify our dispatch immediately. Passengers failing to do so causing our driver to wait at the airport will be charged for the entire cost of the ride and for the time spent waiting for them.

Waiting Time Policy We allow a 1 Free hour on all arriving flights. Time starts from the arrival time given to us by the airline once the flight is airborne. Arriving passengers are liable to any additional time spent at the airport for whatever reason unless it is due to our driver’s misconduct. It must be understood by all arriving passengers that we have no control over weather conditions, airline lateness, misplacing or loss of luggage, not getting a gate assignment, diverting of flights at the last moment etc. We are waiting at the airport at the passenger’s request and unless we are told otherwise we have to get paid for the time we spend there.

The total time our driver waits at the airport before contact is made cannot exceed 1 1/2 hour. If after 1 1/2 hour from the arrival of the plane we still do not have contact with the arriving party we will attempt to call the passenger or the reserving party. If unsuccessful or no further information can be obtained we will release the driver from the airport and a charge will be posted to the credit card we have on file.

All arriving passengers, once met, will be assisted with their luggage outside of the terminal. The driver will, then, go and retrieve the car from the parking lot and come to pick up the waiting party.

Every reservation placed will be charged for unless the passenger, the credit card holder or the reserving party cancels it at least 2 hours prior to actual flight arrival time. It is very important that every passenger contracting our service is made aware of this policy and that they are prepared to make payment in full for the total cost of services rendered.